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Mozambique Coastline
With 2,500km of coastline – mostly white sandy beaches with palm tress hovering over an azure expanse of Indian Ocean – Mozambique is a country ravaged by civil war, cyclones and droughts. And it remains completely unspoiled by tourism.

Identified a few years ago as the world’s poorest country, Mozambique now has the fastest economic growth rate in the world.

And a visit there will explain why. Apart from the spectacular beaches, islands and charming seaside villages, the country is the destination of choice for serious fishermen, divers, birdwatchers and sun-worshippers who come to explore mile after mile of deserted beaches.



Islands off the coast of Mozambique have top class eco-lodges and hotels. The beautiful Bazaruto Achipelago has excellent lodges and plenty of activities – exciting or relaxing – for the perfect island paradise holiday.

Because Mozambique is still emerging from the depths of an economic collapse, it is imperative to deal with a reputable tour operator for your well-deserved Mozambique holiday.

Access to best beaches, islands and hot-spots, visa requirements and other niggling formalities are best left to SafariWise. We understand the country and its people intimately.

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