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Why, Travel to Namibia? Safety and Affordability as Motivation.

Why, Travel to Namibia? Safety and Affordability, as Motivation.

Namibia, one of the least travelled and explored, wildlife destinations on the African Continent.

“these aren’t really travel-specific challenges — these are things that can apply to life in general. Think of travel as a metaphor for how you live your life at home.”

Everyone needs that “inspired moment”, when stuck in a rut. I have had this feeling on numerous occasions. That illusive “dream”, of your great adventure, need not be a dream for much longer.

In these times where every dollar and pound has to be turned over twice, it may just be more affordable to travel in Africa, than it is to travel in many Western Countries.

Why Africa

Time may be your only real asset, so taking a sojourn in the wilds of Africa, would definitely be great a great return on your investment. Refreshing, and an investment in life itself. There is nothing that refreshes as a night under the African skies.

Science has proven that, new experiences, (and the memories they produce) are more likely to produce long term happiness, than new possessions.

Africa has always been an affordable travel destination, coupled with the stable political atmosphere in the SADC region, makes it a well deserved area to visit.

Some travel tips for Southern Africa.

Political stability, Southern Africa is known for this. Able to host world-class events, Worldcup 2010 bears testimony to this. Namibia has had no political uproar, worth mentioning, since independence from South Africa in 1990. This country has a diversity of fauna and Flora, vast and sometimes haunting coastlines (Skeleton coast), and deserts with some of the tallest dunes in the world. One of the lowest crime rates in the region, makes Namibia a destination of choice, for any discerning traveler.


An easily resolved conundrum, when here, is readily resolved, visit all that is to offer. An experienced and well versed guide will be able to get you to most of what’s on offer in under two weeks. The pride of the Nation is undoubtedly the Etosha National Park, established in 1958, a gem and wonder of Nature. A salt desert which turns to a lake, briefly, during the rainy season. Head North, to see the great Okavango delta, here there is a myriad of unique birdlife as well as wildlife to be seen. The Okavango delta, the biggest inland delta in the world, is a must to see and travel. As the name might, intimate, The Skeleton coast, holds vast amounts of memories of suffering and human endurance. This haunting stretch of land, littered with empty husks of once great, seafaring vessels and large amounts of whale and seal skeletons, is better viewed from the sky as it does not lend itself to the 4×4 traveller.

The People

Here in this wonderful country I experience true human, humanity, friendly helpful and always smiling this is the people of Namibia. We will meet the San(bushmen), Ovambo, Damara, Herero, Dama and the Khoikhoi. The Indigenous population, has a wealth of tradition and traditional knowledge, which they will readily share with the visitor. They truly make one feel at home with their friendliness. Slow down and let things happen begin to see the kinds of things (and meet the kinds of people) that tourists usually overlook in their haste to see all the commercially hyped attractions. Spend a night with the San and be enthralled by their traditional dances and story telling.

So my friend in conclusion, forget your pre-conceived ideas of this “third world” country, let that adventurous spirit take over, take the plunge and come and see what Namibia is all about, a true African experience, without the commercial hype of our friends further up on the continent.


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