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The San Forgotten, but not gone!

One of the oldest human populations on earth, the San, is happily going about life. The recession has practically no effect on this piece of humanity. The accompanying photos, shows a family unit enjoying their existence, San style.
We could take a leaf out of their book, Enjoy life, live it, and forget the rat race. Here the rat race never showed up…
Life is more than earthly belongings, make the best with what mother nature has on offer, on the day and season. They have no worries of Bond repayments, the oil price, does not bother them. The “people”  knows mother nature and the time of her Bounty.
Here we are, intruders, not “people” in the San sense, we are to be tolerated, as human life is sacred to the “people”. We can but marvel at this “miracle”, and wonder, how do they do it.
You can have a glimpse of this “nirvana”, by visiting Namibia and Botswana, come my friend, live ,life as we do “African style”.
The “People” will welcome you, as they did centuries ago.

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