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The FIFA 2010 World Cup, has come and gone.

The Vuvuzelas has been silenced, so, what now?

The multitudes of colours of all 32 participating Nations has left our shores. But, not to worry my friend the sweet sound of the Vuvuzela is outdone by a chorus of gaily coloured songbirds. When they are in full song they will outdo even the most Die hard supporter with his/her Vuvuzela. The names of all players, which so easily rolls, of the tongue, cannot compete with our very own troop of Namibian songbirds. Fully clad in their colours.
We had players like, Sergio Ramos competing with the Purple Roller. The Crimson Breasted Shrike, might be confused for a Spanish supporter, until you hear that haunting sound coming from such a striking creature. Mr Howard Webb, referee for the final, could best be described as by the Secretary bird. Marching up and down the pitch at Soccer City, the Namibian bush is his pitch and the Secretary bird is master here.

Unlike our Brazilian friends, the Yellow-Breasted-Apalis, wears its colours proudly. The White-Fronted-Bee- eater, could be mistaken for a fan of the Orange machine,  Netherlands, but this proud little creature is big in its little piece of African veld.

Purple Roller

From up on high the African-fish-eagle, reminds one of Sepp Blatter, dictating the terms to all and sundry. The Bare-cheeked-babbler, sits on its perch and as the name may intimate, this guy is a “talker”, and never rests but proclaims proudly “ this is Africa, this is Namibia”.

We were in the company of Royalty, great embassadors of the world and in the midst of all this the Greater-Kestrel, keeps vigil.

So, my friends, as I I’ve said the Greatest contest on earth has been won by Spain, the cup has gone to Spain. There remains, a time honoured legacy, our little friends soaring above the  African soil. They are the true “children” of the soil. They will never leave Africa, for they are of Africa, they ARE AFRICA.

Now is the time to have your “indaba” on African soil, in the company of these dazzling songbirds. Be intrigued by these african legends, visit with us, enjoy a few sunny song filled days with Safariwise.

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