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The best seats on an open Safari Vehicle

The Best Seats On An Open Safari Vehicle

A few tips

The Best Seats On An Open Safari Vehicle for Those of you who have been on a safari know the drill: as soon as the time to go on a game drive has arrived the rush to the vehicle starts. ‘I wanna sit there’, ‘No, I wanna sit there!’ (especially when kids are around) can be heard often. Here are some tips that give you an insight in which seats to choose.

The backseats
Funnily enough a lot of people like to sit in the back. True, often the backseats are the highest of the ground and give the best view. You even have the possibility to look backwards. But there are certainly some drawbacks to sitting in the rear.
First of all you sit furthest away from the guide and you might have difficulty hearing what he says. Secondly, you have just climbed onto the most bumpy part of the vehicle. Safari vehicles are often customized and heavier shocks and springs have been put in place, something that doesn’t always make the ride nicer and as you can imagine, some roads in Africa’s national parks can be rough. Especially when the rear seats are hanging over the back of an open vehicle, the bouncing and jumping can be rather unpleasant.
Lastly you are sitting closest to the exhaust. If you happen to be riding with a guide that doesn’t switch off his vehicle when being stationary, you are going to wish for a gas-mask. Also might the sitting close to the build-up frame lead to some unwanted head-banging.

The middleseats
Not too bad. You sit a bit closer to the guide and you might still be a bit higher up than the seats in front of you. Viewing back will be difficult as there are seats (and most likely people) behind you. The biggest asset about sitting in the middle row is the comfortable ride as the bumping of the car is felt less than sitting in the rear.

seats1 The Best Seats On An Open Safari Vehicle

The frontseat(s)
Definitely my favorite. The guide is easy to understand (even when he whispers) and the shaking is minimal. The biggest set back is the fact that one sits the lowest of all passengers and this means that the view can be limited. At the same time there is a positive here, as the front view will be unobstructed by other travelers. If the game drive vehicle has a tracker on the front, you view might be lousy though.
The biggest advantage however is the angle with which one can take photographs. From the middle and the rear photographs will always show a view ON the subject, as images taken from the front have a natural angle and simply look nicer.

Some advice: It is an unwritten law that during the game drives people change seats regularly. In this way everybody will have a chance to shoot images from different angles. Obviously will old and frail people always have those seats that are easiest to reach.

Have fun!

July 31, 2010 by Johan Knols

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