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Namibia Safaris – 5 Things You Should Know


5 Things you should know about Etosha safari park:

(other than looking for the animals)

  • 1. The gates open at sunrise and close as sunset – there is generally a mad rush to get to the gates for sunset so make sure you don’t get caught in someone else’s dust otherwise you will miss the magnificent sunset
  • 2. If the sign says stay in your car, they mean STAY IN YOUR CAR!
  • 3. The only accommodation within the Etosha National Park is run by the Namibia Wildlife Resorts. Visit the old German Fort of Namutoni – great views and a super waterhole with a resident group of very entertaining striped mongeese
  • 4. You should not miss out on Sproukieswoud (Fairy Forest), the amazing Moringa Trees – known to feed people as well as animals. In Etosha these are growing uniquely in soil and not on rock
  • 5. The main road in Etosha runs from East to West or visa versa. It can easily take a day to drive just along this road (there and back) so don’t get caught out by thinking it is not that far!


5 Things you should know about driving in Namibia:

  • 1. Always have at least 5 liters of water in the car with you. It is very hot, and dusty and there are not a lot of water stops
  • 2. Know how to change a tyre and make sure your car comes with a spare one!
  • 3. Fill your car up regularly – don’t chance it to “make it to the next town”
  • 4. Have plenty of music and plenty of battery life in your iPod.
  • 5. Estimate the time you think it will take you and then add on another hour or two (don’t always rely on the map) – road conditions are generally good but driving on dirt roads makes for a longer trip


5 Amazing things about Sossusvlei:

  • 1. The colours and scenery here is some of the most contrasting and remote that you will find anywhere in the world
  • 2. The combination of Sand Dunes, Grasslands, Mountains, Desert & Game – which all make for a photographers paradise
  • 3. The highest Dune is Big Daddy at 300m
  • 4. The closest dune to the road is Dune 45, which is what makes it the most popular one
  • 5. The most amazing way to witness this phenomenal place – is from the heights of a hot air balloon
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