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Madagascar Wildlife Tour

Note:  This tour can be tailor made according to your own dates

Madagascar wildlife tour 2013Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean, ±400km’s from the Southern African east coast. Over millions of years, Madagascar developed a unique flora and fauna. This is the place where evolution has run wild and it has such a high degree of endemism, that it is truly a place like nowhere else on earth! Madagascar is famous for their remarkable selection of lemurs, primitive primate’s endemic to the island,   brilliantly coloured chameleons & lizards, tenrecs, fossas, bats and rodents. Several early evening walks are also planned for this tour, in order to experience the “darker” side of the nocturnal creatures   –   first hand! This Tour Programme is designed to offer guests of all ages a unique experience.   We concentrate on nature and not just lemurs or plants or birds – we make time for it all! A medium level of fitness is required, as we can do quite a bit of walking.

This Tour Programme is also designed to be family-friendly and photographers will love it!

The tour links with our Madagascar northern extension..

Highlights on this tour include:

Ranomafana National Park – Isalo National Park – Nosy ve island – Reniala Reserve – Berenty Reserve – Mantadia National Park – Andasibe National Park


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2 Responses to “Madagascar Wildlife Tour”

  1. jenny mostert said:

    I’d like to know more about Madagascar and Tanzania trips. Price? Single annd sharing

  2. Sasha said:

    Hi there
    My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Madagascar, landing early afternoon on Fri 12th of July and departing at midday on Sat 20th. We’d like to look at the wildlife, explore the interior (forests etc), see some beaches and we also kite surf so can spend a day doing that. We are looking for comfortable but basic/down to earth travel with good level of interaction with the local people too.

    Are there any customized trips you would be able to offer based on the dates and criteria?

    Many thanks