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Letter to all friends of Namibia

The big 32 has come and gone, in the aftermath of all the wonderful soccer/football, relax under the winter sun of Southern Africa.

So get back to nature and visit with us in the great outdoors, experience the greatest contrasts of this wonderful continent of Africa. Namibia offers some of the best vistas and wildlife in Africa where else could you experience the desert and a few hours later the wonderful lushness of the Okavango Delta.

Meet with local tribes people and experience a culture, steeped in tradition, honed and virtually untouched by time. Bask in our unique vegetation, provided by a wonder of nature, two deserts, namely the Namib and Kalahari. Then move on to the Central Plateau and see the great Savannah Woodland.

After our sojourn on the central Plateau we move up to the Forests in the North East. In all of this my friend, we will be accompanied by some of the greatest beasts of this African Soil. The great tuskers (elephant) will demonstrate the longevity needed to survive in the deserts and savannahs.

The lion will wake you with their night roars, while hunting. Rhino as is their nature, will try and stay hidden, But our experienced sons of the soil will point them out to you. Giraffe, Zebra and Hartebeest will dazzle us in the splendour of a true African experience. The abundance of wildlife will leave you astonished.

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