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Is Namibian Travel Statistics Reliable?

Is Namibian travel Statistics reliable?

Statistics as your motivation, to live your dream?

Live that African adventure!

“Statistics has proven that 80% of Statistics, are made up on the spot.”

Should this Statistic be a cause for concern? I think not. I am sure, if asked, we could come up with a multitude of Stats for and against splashing out on that dream African Safari. But all travelers have one thing in common: We love life and living it. I’ve discovered on my many travels that these Statistics, is mere words and numbers, the reality is very different.

Statistics,  means something to somebody in a board room, but to the average traveler, they are meaningless.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is the forum for global business leaders comprising the presidents, chairs and CEOs of 100 of the world’s foremost companies. It is the only body representing the private sector in all parts of the Travel & Tourism industry worldwide.

The main purpose of this project is to fully understand the value of Travel & Tourism to the economy and job creation of Namibia. Tourism as an industry has never been reflected separately in the National Accounts, as is the case with other industries such as Fisheries, Mining, Agriculture and Transport. Thus, the study measures the real value of Travel and Tourism to the economy.

In a recent study on Namibia, the research forecasted that:-

This research quantified the impact of Travel & Tourism on the economy and employment of Namibia and made projections for the growth of Travel & Tourism in the country. Furthermore, a series of policy recommendations were provided with the intention to maximize the potential of Travel & Tourism to the country’s economy, and to tap its position as a leading catalyst for economic development and job creation.

  • Demand: Encompassing all components of Travel & Tourism consumption, investment, government spending and exports to grow 8.2 per cent (real terms) and total N$9.1 billion (US$1.5 billion). The ten-year annualized growth (2007-2016) forecast is 6.9 per cent per annum. This makes Namibia the 13th fastest growing country in the world in terms of Travel & Tourism Total Demand.
  • Visitor Exports: Spending by inbound international visitors is expected to total N$4.2 billion , representing 20.0 per cent of total exports.
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Travel & Tourism’s contribution to Namibia ‘s economy is illustrated by the direct industry impact of 3.7 per cent of total GDP and the combined direct and indirect impact of the Travel & Tourism economy, which is expected to total 16.0 per cent.
  • Employment: The Namibian Travel & Tourism industry is expected to account for 18,800 jobs or 4.7 per cent of total employment in 2006. The broader perspective of the Travel & Tourism economy (direct and indirect), which includes the spill-over employment associated with industry capital investment and government spending, is expected to account for 71,800 jobs dependent on Travel & Tourism or 17.9 per cent of total employment.

In order for Namibia to realize its potential in Travel & Tourism, WTTC’s principal policy recommendations included:

  • Increase understanding at the top levels of government of Travel & Tourism and its impact on the economy
  • Incorporate Travel & Tourism into mainstream policies for employment, trade, investment, education and environment
  • Adopt as a Cabinet Directive a Master Plan/Tourism Growth Strategy for Namibian Travel & Tourism
  • Set up a private sector Tourism Advisory Council to advise the government on Travel & Tourism matters
  • Instil a culture of Travel & Tourism statistics and information-based decision-making
  • Assure sufficient funding to enable the Namibia Tourism Board to carry out its marketing and regulatory roles
  • Explore the full range of aviation business options to develop strong, dependable and profitable air service to Namibia
  • Restructure Namibia Wildlife Resorts so that the whole country can benefit from its precious resources
  • Develop and communicate incentives for Travel & Tourism investment to interested parties and establish a one-stop shop for investment
  • Understand that leakage is a common phenomenon of Travel & Tourism and promote linkages within the Namibian economy
  • Reduce bureaucracy regarding environmental planning and management and ensure that environmental regulations are followed
  • Establish a Pro-poor/Community-based Tourism Strategy for Namibia and ensure that community-based projects are financially viable
  • Increase transparency and allow self-regulation of tourism product pricing
  • Increase product quality through training and investment so that income generation is maintained and increased
  • Increase investment in education and training for tourism and introduce incentives for the private sector to invest in training
  • Prioritize product development, enhancement and extension and ensure that it is undertaken at regional as well as national level
  • Make the most of Namibia ‘s credentials in terms of sustainable tourism development, and ensure a long-term vision
  • Facilitate domestic tourism
  • Recognize the role that Travel & Tourism can play in developing information and communication technology, pursue an open telecommunications market and encourage web development for marketing and administration purposes.

Make of this Stats what you will, it is only  intended, to “whet” your appetite, for that African adventure. Fellow travellers, you need to make these stats part of your memories, visit with us in Namibia.

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