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Guided Tours

Southern Africa Birdwatching Tours

Africa birdwatching tours: designed around your wish-list

Africa birdwatching tours: designed around your wish-list

Endemics, near-endemics, specials and rarities. We know them all and what’s more, we know where to find them.

Whether you are a first-time visitor to the sub-continent or an experienced world-lister, SafariWise can design your birdwatching tour itinerary according to your wish-list of birds.

Combine your birding tour with an Africa safari and other natural history attractions; our specialist guides will make the difference on your long-planned birdwatching tour to southern Africa.

Grey Heron

Grey Heron

We do cater for bigger groups on organised birding trips for agents or you may want to arrange a private tour directly with us. Our tailor-made itineraries for groups as small as one or two guests guarantee personal service of a very high standard.

Family groups are also catered for and we look at every aspect of your well-deserved break: from birds to accommodation to meals and you, the most important feature of any tour.

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One Response to “Guided Tours”

  1. Stefan Johansson said:

    Dear Neil,
    I’m interested in a guided tour in South Africa with focus on animlas and bird watching.
    I looked through your iternary but You don’t have a fixed program. It’s more built on tailor made tours.
    I’m interested in a tour during Christmas time 2013.
    Interest is both in the cape province and in the northern part of south africa.
    Available time 14-20 days. depending on what is necessary.
    I would like to have a budget offer for a trip that you recomend and for 1 or 2 persons.
    Photography is also on the main activity.
    Kind Regards
    Stefan Johansson