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AFRICA – Keep on Cheering!

AFRICA – Keep on Cheering!

While many of you may stil be experiencing various degrees of post-World Cup withdrawal syndrom, thankfully the world of ecotourism and sustainable travel continues to offer a wide array of inspiring stories and experiences that will make your day and help you find reasons to be even more excited about the amazing continent of Africa!

The world has only experienced a tiny bit of the incredible vibe of the African continent during the Soccer World Cup. It is now time for you to come and experience this part of the world with your own eyes!

Southern Africa is an amazing destination with many different highlights to be discovered. Once you’ve been here, Africa will be in your blood and you will be hooked forever. The incredible beauty of the many different nature and wildlife reserves like the Kruger National Park in South Africa and Etosha National Park in Namibia will leave you in awe. The majestic Drakensberg where you can hike endlessly, the vibrant city of Cape Town with Table Mountain as a beacon will want you to come back many times. In Lesotho you will meet the friendliest people ever and ride the cute Basotho ponies, in Zimbabwe or Zambia the Victoria Waterfalls are not to be missed and Namibia has the highest red sand dunes in the world. But, your most precious memories will be of the friendliness of the locals.

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